A study has linked shisha smoking to heart disease

man inhale hookah

Qatar University researchers recently discovered that shisha or water pipe smoking raises the risk of heart disease in adults.

Shisha, commonly known as hookah, is a water pipe that is used to smoke flavored tobacco. It originated in the Middle East and has since spread as a social pastime throughout the region.

Susu Zughaier, an associate professor of Basic Medical Sciences at Qatar University’s College of Medicine, led the research.

According to a statement made by Qatar University on Thursday, it analyzed data from over 1,000 adult participants living in Qatar.

When compared to non-smokers, shisha smokers had 1.65 times the odds of reporting a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease.

Furthermore, the study found that commencing shisha smoking at a younger age was linked to an increased risk of developing heart disease.

It offered an important contribution to the understanding of the health repercussions of shisha smoking, emphasizing the importance of addressing the public health concern in Qatar and other nations.

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