A viral video of a lady struggling on a micromini blue dress elicited reactions


Beyond smashing a look, how comfy a dress is is critical, and this is something that some ladies overlook.

A video that is now viral on social media depicts a voluptuous lady dressed in a blue gown.

In the footage, she can be seen stepping out of a building wearing a micro tiny dress with a lace-up feature and silver boots.

As she walked, the lady kept pulling her dress down to keep it from rising and exposing her derrière.

She protested about the dress being too short at one point, and the cameraman agreed.

Watch the video below:

Social media users react to video of lady in mini dress

girlie__vi: “She could just pull the rope down, and this struggle won’t be happening.”

the_oyedrey: “Sometimes these celebrities don’t pick their wears. Esp those under labels.”

real_damilola2: “People like this, they style them, they don’t style themselves so….”

nolly_vibes: “Very Soon na Pants all these ones go dey wear comot as dress!!”

starguymjofficial_: “Why use your own money buy stress.”

naughty_antonioo: “My question be say ,shay if dem wear good cloth ,dem no dey fine ni or what ,like I don’t get.”

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