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The News Room is that general interest media platform premised resolutely on responsible developmental journalism, thus consistently bringing you news and other information you can use via text, audio and video.

The News Room derives its core content from the richness of information about Nigeria and beyond her frontiers. In spite of the constraints of time, The News Room offerings are unrelentingly served in timely fashion after having been carefully subjected to the best quality control measures during the newsgathering, writing and editing processes preceding uploading onto the global information superhighway.

By selecting, separating, ordering and categorising information about Nigeria and the rest of the world according to the specific interests of its readers, The News Room presents quality and targeted content. It presents these in a format that links its readers to the best available material on the world wide web, and delivers the resulting feed to its niche-audience.

Therefore, The News Room is that uniquely trustworthy realtime go-to-site for breaking and latest news and features on issues in Nigeria and beyond.

The editorial environment created by The News Room offers an attractive platform for stakeholders in the various sectors to make their products and services visible to the large and growing audience on the Internet.


Very much attuned to the continually expanding frontiers of information management that has made the world a global village, The News Room is established to offer consistently credible and rich menu of online general interest multimedia fare, bringing the spectrum of the mundane and the profound via text, audio and video to an engaging global audience.


That, through responsible developmental journalism, The News Room ascends and retains the highest of standing as that realtime go-to-site for interesting news and doses of other items that are deliberately packaged to inform, enlighten, entertain and educate in uniquely irreproachable style across the demographic spectrum.


• Professionalism
• Objectivity
• Developmental Journalism

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