Aisha Yesufu Asks Twitter For Explanation As Blue Tick Is Restored


Aisha Yesufu, a well-known Nigerian activist, has chastised Twitter for returning her blue tick when she did not subscribe.

She called it a “fraudulent misrepresentation” on her behalf.

The social media critic demanded that the blue app explain why it restored the blue tick to her Twitter handle despite the fact that she did not subscribe to it.

Yesufu requested that the blue app remove the “blue tick” or provide a proper explanation for why it was restored to her Twitter handle, despite the fact that she did not subscribe to it.

Remember that Twitter restored “blue tick verification” for numerous public figures and celebrities after withholding it last week?

In a Sunday Twitter message, the activist claimed that restoring her blue tick verification had caused many people to question her trustworthiness.

She wrote, “Hello @twitter @verified

“What you are doing here is fraudulent misrepresentation. I did not subscribe to Twitter blue. Kindly take off the blue tick or give it, its proper explanation of why you gave it. Your action is affecting me as it leads to people questioning my integrity. As well as coercing some of my followers into action or inaction based on the misrepresentation.”

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