Ayu Reacts, Says Purported Suspension Is Futile Exercise


Reacting to his alleged suspension from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) by the leadership of his ward, the Executive Committee of the PDP Igyorov Ward, Gboko Local Government Area, Benue State, North-Central Nigeria, the party’s embattled National Chairman, Dr. Iyorchia Ayu, has described the action as an exercise in futility.

Ayu was reportedly suspended on Sunday by his Ward Executive Committee for alleged anti-party activities, failure to pay his annual subscription fees, and failure to vote during the just-concluded General Elections.

The Secretary of the Ward Executive Committee, Banger Dooyum, had stated that Ayu was suspended for alleged anti-party conduct following a vote of no confidence in him.

Dooyum noted that Ayu’s anti-party activities, together with those of his associates, allegedly contributed to the PDP’s loss in his ward and local government in the governorship race.

However, in a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Communications, Simon Imobo-Tswam, in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) on Monday, Ayu was emphatic that he had not been suspended.

Ayu claimed that his attention had been drawn to rumours that he had been suspended by his ward’s Executive Committee.

“We wish to state categorically and with all emphasis at our disposal thus, that “The PDP National Chairman, Ayu, has not been suspended by his Ward. Some members of the Exco are only being teleguided by political gamblers to cause mischief and nothing more.

“For starters, Article 57(7) of the PDP Constitution as Amended in 2017, expressly prohibits any organ of the party or executive committee of the party at the Ward or State Level from taking any disciplinary measure against any member of the party’s National Executive Committee.

“The purported suspension is, therefore, an exercise in futility as it derives its strength majorly from gross illiteracy, ignorance, gambling and desperation. It has only mischief, drama and propaganda value,” it was stated.

The so-called suspension letter, according to Ayu, was allegedly written by an illiterate, and only given to the coerced members to sign somewhere in Makurdi.

Ayu continued: “This is why the original date is tipexed and 24 March imposed on it.

“From what we know, the document itself is fraudulent as the signatures of the Ward Executives were forged or obtained under duress.

“The chairman, his deputy and legal adviser didn’t sign the letter. The 14th person on the list didn’t sign too.

“In fact, the same applies for Nos. 5, 8 and 16.

“At the time they were supposed to be in Makurdi, the others coerced, intimidated and induced members of the Exco, they were actually in their villages, going about their normal businesses.”

Ayu said that about nine members of the exco were allegedly still being held hostage in a location in Makurdi for obvious reasons.

He added that, expectedly, their cell phones had been switched off, saying “it is instructive”.

He advised the general public to ignore rumours to the “heinous effect”, saying “those behind the plot are only investing in expensive illusions”.

Ayu noted that his suspension from the PDP at the state level is pointless, because, according to him, the Ward Executive Committee lacks the authority to do so.


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