Baby born with two functional penises and no anus


In a unique medical condition described only 100 times before, a newborn was born with two functional penises but no anus.

The penises of the Pakistani child are ‘normal-shaped,’ according to doctors who published the extremely uncommon case of diphallia in a medical journal.

One was, however, 1cm larger than the other.

The youngster could also discharge pee ‘through both orifices,’ according to the surgeons in Islamabad.

Medics left both members unharmed, but did not explain why.

They did, however, create an opening for him to pass feces via colonoscopy.

The scientists reported in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports that the chances of developing diphallia, as it is termed medically, are one in six million.

Only 100 cases have been documented in medical literature, the first of which dates back to 1609.

Doctors who treated the youngster said that 1% of patients have a deformity that affects their anus or rectum.

However, they did not say whether this youngster was the world’s first case of this condition, as their figures would suggest.

The boy, who was delivered after 36 weeks, was treated at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences’ Children’s Hospital.

His parents, who transported him to the hospital’s emergency room immediately after birth, had no family history of birth abnormalities.

Doctors examined him and discovered he had no anal entrance and two ‘well-formed phalluses,’ one measuring 1.5cm and the other 2.5cm.

He had a single bladder connected to two urethras, which meant he passed urine from both penises, according to scans.

To allow him to defecate, surgeons diverted one end of his colon through an incision in the bottom left side of his abdomen.

Following surgery, the kid was followed for two days. He was then released and a follow-up visit was scheduled.

There is no recognized single risk factor for diphallia, and it is assumed to arise by chance while genitalia develops in the womb.

Patients can have complete diphallia, which occurs when both penises are fully developed, or partial diphallia, which occurs when one penis is smaller or malformed.

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