Binani, Legitimate Winner of Adamawa Guber Elections, Says APC, Warns INEC


The Adamawa State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has declared its candidate, Aisha Dahiru Binani, the winner of the State governorship election, and has vowed to fight any attempt to overturn her victory.

Remember that following Saturday’s supplemental elections, the State’s REC, Hudu Yunusa Ari, proclaimed Binani the winner, but the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) rejected the result, proclaiming Governor Ahmadu Fintiri the winner.

However, at a press conference held at its state headquarters in Yola, the APC bemoaned the negative propaganda pushed on social media by accused PDP agents in an attempt to discredit the process that resulted in Binani being declared the victor of the hotly contested poll.

Elder Samaila Tadawus, the party’s state Acting Chairman, stated that the party would use all legal means to safeguard Binani’s mandate.

He pointed out that she is already the state governor-elect, absolving Binani of allegations that she attempted to sway the election through financial inducements.

While claiming that the legislator is still the most popular candidate among others, the APC chairman claimed that it was the state government that put pressure on two National Commissioners on observation duty to unjustly suspend the REC.

He denied accusations that the REC usurped another person’s powers in proclaiming Binani the winner, claiming that the INEC officer has the same responsibilities.

The statement read: “We are concerned with the negative propaganda by the losers of this election. Some of them are: That the REC was bribed to make the declaration. This is a blatant lie. Our candidate was popular and did not require the manipulation of the process to win the election. Those who needed to manipulate the process are the ones who wanted the REC to be illegally suspended by two National Commissioners on an observer duty.

“We are also aware that the molestation of the National Commissioners was done by Agents of the State Government. Hired thugs were used to molest one of them to the point that he was stripped half naked. Shamelessly, one of the Agents of the state Government was seen apologizing to the affected person and claiming that they molested him thinking he was the REC.

“We condemn the weaponization of violence by the opposition. This is seen by their so-called daily protest which is a harbinger for violence. We call on security agencies to as a matter of urgency stop these misguided agitators who are bent on throwing the state into chaos.

“We wish to also express sincere appreciation to the people of the state for shunning their call for violence. We in the APC are peaceful and peace loving. We will continue to promote peace in the state because we believe that nothing can be achieved without peace.

“Let me state clearly that the APC and all our members in Adamawa State are solidly behind our Governor-elect and wish to announce that we will protect our mandate by all legal means.

“Finally, we call on INEC to abide by the legal requirements that provide for only the Tribunal or the courts to upturn a valid and lawful declaration.

“The REC has absolute responsibility for state elections The returning officers for Governorship and state Houses of Assembly elections report to him. Arguing that the REC cannot do what he did in the circumstances he found himself is a losing argument.”

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