Brain Drain: Okowa says Nigeria has capacity to export doctors, nurses


If available potential is properly exploited and arranged, Nigeria has the capacity to export medical officers to needy nations.

This was declared by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa during the inauguration of the Collegiate System in the State’s Schools of Nursing at the College of Nursing, Agbor, Ika South council area.

Mr. Okowa stated that rather than limiting medical practitioners from leaving the country, more of them may be trained, with enough remaining in the country and some exporting to needy countries from the pool.

“Nigeria can leverage the massive demand for medical professionals trained in the country by signing bilateral agreements with foreign nations to train and export more of the professionals to those countries,” the governor stated.

He chastised medical practitioners for failing to show empathy toward patients, pushing them to follow established ethics.

According to the Delta governor, Nigeria is facing a shortage of nurses, midwives, and doctors, which is impacting health care delivery.

“I think that as a nation, if we know where our strength lies, we can do things that can enable us to improve on where our strength lies,” Mr Okowa explained. “There is nothing wrong if there is a planned programme by Nigeria to train many more nurses than we need, and we enter into a bilateral relationship with other countries to export some of our nurses, midwives and doctors.”

He stressed that he was not “one of those that will come out to say that we are trying to make laws to stop or restrict the movement of medical personnel out of the country,” but called for a “planned programme” to train more than “our daily and yearly need and ensure that we are able to enter into strategic alliances with other countries.”


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