Destiny Etiko Advises On What Living a False Life Does to Destiny’s Assistants


Leading Nollywood thespian Destiny Etiko has warned against living a fake life.

She explained that a phony lifestyle would imply excluding those who are supposed to help.

The curvy film star, affectionately known as Drama Doll, stated in a video: “If you know you’re managing your life, even if you’re not managing your life; there’s no need to come to social media to rant: I’m this, I’m that, I own this; I own that!

“You never know when you’re pursuing your destiny’s helper. Please, do not come and claim what you lack.

“Why I’m saying it is that it does not pay. Me wey dey here so, I fit get money o! But if you ask me, I fit tell you say, ‘My sister, I dey manage’.

You sef fit come think say, na wah o! I been think say this person get that kind money but she’s managing. Oya, if I get any link, I go link am.

“Stop living fake life. Stop trying to be someone else. People were born on different days, different destinies, different stars. You can’t be me; I can’t be you.”


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