EXTRA: Joshua can still win a championship – Kunle Awosiyan wrote this


Several people were dissatisfied with Anthony Joshua’s performance against Jermaine Franklin. Several of his fans are clearly fed up with him.

Dillian Whyte, a former adversary, believes Joshua no longer has much to offer boxing and that his compatriot, Tyson Fury, would not even desire a home bout with Joshua.

According to Whyte, Joshua was unwilling to take a risk in the bout against Franklin, and as a result, he has nothing to offer Fury. Whyte wants to fight Joshua again, but this time for money rather than a title fight.

“Boxing and winning sometimes come with style. Joshua may look shaky now, he may reclaim his glory in his newly found style. A belt is coming back, I foresee this.

Joshua, on the other side, is after the WBC belt, which is Fury’s lone and most famous boxing belt. Fury is now the most elite boxer of his generation due to his bravery and ability to manage the ring and his opponent properly.

Nevertheless, his greed caused Oleksandr Usyk to back out of a pact for a unified, undisputed bout that would have taken place later this month.

Will Fury take on Joshua? I’m not certain. Fury is a difficult businessman to deal with, but the world is waiting for his response now that Joshua has called him out.

Nonetheless, Joshua can still win a belt, even if it is not an uncontested title. It might be one of the unified belts, like as the WBA, IBF, IBO, or the WBC’s unique green belt.

Muhammad Ali lost his WBC title to a rookie in one of the greatest boxing upsets of all time in 1978. Leon Spinks had only seven professional fights when he faced Ali and defeated him, taking his belt and walking away.

Ali swiftly exercised his rematch clause and returned to the ring without a belt in September of that year to recapture his title with a unanimous decision over Spinks, becoming the first boxer to ever win a belt for the third time.

When Ali became a three-time heavyweight boxing champion at the age of 36, Spinks was 27.

Some rookies are underappreciated due to their rankings, and I believe Franklin is one of those underrated boxers. This American is good and, like Joshua, will make life difficult for any elite fighter.

It’s not enough to dismiss Joshua because he couldn’t knock out Franklin. Franklin’s stats reveal that he has never been knocked out in any of his fights, indicating that he is strong and can go the distance.

Joshua did not run out of gas during his battle against Franklin, which is a plus. Unlike in the past, when he began to wobble in round five, Joshua pressed his opponent for 12 rounds, nearly knocking him out.

“For me, what Joshua now lacks in aggression is in his precision. His jabs are more accurate and not telegraphic as in the past.

He is not getting any younger, but he is finding new vigor to compete with a younger and more enthusiastic boxer.

Whyte has this to say about Joshua, “The skills are still there, the right hand is still there but the aggression to push forward.”

What Joshua now loses in anger, I believe, he makes up for in precision. His jabs are more precise and less telegraphic than in the past.

Boxing and winning can sometimes come with a sense of style. Joshua may appear wobbly now, but he may restore his greatness in his newly discovered style. I predict the return of the belt.

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