Hippopotamus kills pregnant woman in Makurdi, causing panic


According to reports, a wild hippopotamus murdered a pregnant woman on Tuesday near the old bridge where the Benue River crosses through Makurdi, the capital of the Benue state.

In Makurdi, there are two bridges across the River Benue: the Old Bridge and the New Bridge.

According to a witness report, the victim was attacked at the river’s edge after traveling to the island with other traders to purchase vegetables for commercial use.

The woman, whose identity was unknown, was reportedly being transported on an engine boat that had a problem and was switched to a wooden one.

It was discovered that the victim drowned and that the attacked boat was destroyed.

However, a search team was organized, and on Wednesday her body was found.

SP Sewuese Anene, a spokesman for the Benue Police, said she had not yet received the information.


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