Israel DMW denies making an alleged homophobic remark about influencer Enioluwa


Israel DMW, a member of Nigerian singer Davido’s team, has denied making homophobic remarks against well-known influencer Enioluwa Adeoluwa.

According to reports, he went on a homophobic rant against Enioluwa on WhatsApp, accusing him of being gay and claiming that 30BG (Davido’s group) does not accept homosexuality.

He was also accused of saying, “The influencer and content creator is into garbage, and his supporters will claim it’s content.”

“We are not in support of gay, God forbid bad thing. They are into rubbish, and their useless supporters would say it’s content,” the WhatsApp status read.

Isreal took to Instagram stories to clear the air about the reports. He explained that he did not author the post and that it was written by someone impersonating him.

He wrote, “The write-up was never from me. It is purely a manufactured fake account from impersonators. Thanks, everyone. Never from me at all. I have no such account. Thanks, everyone.”

This comes after 30BG’s CEO responded to Enioluwa’s message by telling him he should have joined him on his private plane to a Botswana function.

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