Kenyan woman slaughters own daughter for food


A mother who slaughtered and cannibalized her own kid in the Kitengela region of Kenya has laid the awful act at the feet of her low self-esteem.

Ms. Olivia Kaserran was charged on Tuesday with killing her own kid on Sunday night, but she chose not to enter a plea after the investigating officer requested that she be held in police custody for 13 days while the investigation was ongoing. The judge gave ten days.

The 24-year-old victim of the horrific attack, which was documented on film by neighbors, was taken to the hospital in a bewildered state.

According to The Nation, a local Kenyan daily, Ms. Kaserran claimed she beat her own child because she hates herself and has suffered greatly before being led away in handcuffs to Kitengela Police Station. She didn’t go into detail about her hardship.

The local university student, a fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce student, claimed she initially intended to kill herself before changing her mind and stabbing the youngster several times.

“Ninajichukia mwenyewe. Sijipendi ndio maana niliua mtoto wangu. Nimepitia magumu na huyu mtoto.( I hate myself. I suffer from low self-esteem and that is why I killed my child. I have gone through a lot with my daughter,” Ms Kaserran told Nation.

Neighbors who witnessed the attack on Sunday night gasped in horror as the woman stabbed the girl and severed her body parts.

They had hurried to the house after hearing screams that made their blood chill, believing the family was being attacked, only to see the young mother brutally beating her daughter while completely naked.

The toddler was already dead and the mom was lying on the floor when the neighbors were able to smash down the door and enter the home.

The majority of the furnishings and technological devices were damaged, and the house had been turned on its side. Ms. Kaserran is alleged to have sliced the body into pieces and was reportedly consuming her daughter’s guts while doing so.

The incident happened while Ms. Kaserran’s parents were away from the house. While her mother was gone visiting family in Nyahururu County, her father worked as a teacher at a school in the Eastern area.

According to reports, her mother abandoned Ms. Kaserran and the little child home alone. On Saturday, Ms. Kaserran arrived back at her parents’ house from Meru, where she and her daughter were residing. The kitchen knife she used to savagely kill her daughter has been found by police.

Formally charged
Ms. Kaserran will be legally charged after the investigations are finished, according to Kitengela Directorate of Criminal Investigations Officer Benson Mutia.

“It’s a bizarre incident. We will be interrogating her to ascertain the motive of the killing. We also want to know if the murder was premeditated,” he said.

In a purported love triangle, a 22-year-old lady was viciously attacked and killed by her coworker at a Kitengela pizza business just two days prior to the incident.

The culprit survived a botched lynch attempt by the community and was transported to the hospital.

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