Nigeria will export 214 products in 2022, according to NEPC


According to the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC), Nigeria exported 214 items in 2022.

Dr Ezra Yakusak, Executive Director of NEPC/CEO, stated this on Wednesday at the Commerce and Industry Correspondents Association of Nigeria (CICAN) conference in Abuja.

The focus of the conference is “The Role of the Non-Oil Sector Toward Economic Diversification and GDP Development.”

According to Mr Yakusak, Nigeria shipped that many products due to value addition and good packaging.

The NEPC CEO emphasized the importance of effective packaging and value addition in maximizing the value of any product.

He stated that adding value to products and maintaining adequate packaging would ensure acceptance in the global market.

Mr Yakusak ascribed the poor value of Nigerian agricultural products in the international market to the raw state in which they are exported without processing or packaging in order to attract greater financial value.

Exporters, he claims, will make more money from their products if they add more value to them.

“Nigeria is so blessed, we have so many products in this country that you will be amazed,’’ he said.

Mr Yakusak stated that the volume of products exported in 2022 prompted NEPC to launch a program called “Export 774” with the goal of discovering exportable products in Nigeria’s 774 local government districts.

“We just realised that people are not aware of the products we have.

“We informed the world that we exported 214 products in 2022 and people were surprised that we had such products and we exported that much.

“So, because of that at NEPC, the management has agreed to inaugurate a programme called “Export 774’’.

“The Export 774 is targeted at identifying the products in all the 774 local governments of Nigeria.

“We identify them, we identify their potential and of course the specific places where they are cited.

“We will put them in a kind of compendium to compare two of those products before they are exported.

“Export 774 is one of the projects we are going to execute this year,’’ Yakusak said.

Earlier, Ifeanyi Onuba, Chairman of CICAN, expressed optimism about Nigeria’s economic progress through non-oil exports.

Recent events, according to Mr Onuba, have demonstrated that the Federal Government’s quest for economic diversification from the oil to non-oil industries, despite the volatility nature of crude oil prices, is producing the desired effects.

“We must support non-oil exports to boost the economy in the light of present economic realities.

“Nigeria must move beyond oil and export of raw commodities and build a vibrant manufacturing sector capable of exporting finished goods that could boost the nation’s foreign exchange earnings,” Mr Onuba said.

He stated that increasing the country’s non-oil exports remained a subject of strategic economic importance that necessitated ongoing involvement.

“And CICAN will continue to put the issue on the front burner of public discourse,” Mr Onuba said.

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