Nigerians won’t be intimidated, Labour Party tells DSS


The Labour Party has stated that it is sure that Nigerians will not be intimidated into giving up their legitimate, legal right to seek judicial redress in order to reclaim their mandate, which was freely granted to the LP Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi, and was then brazenly stolen.
Dr Yunusa Tanko, Chief Spokesperson of the Labour Party, stated this in reaction to an alert issued by the Department of State Services in Abuja yesterday.

The DSS claimed that some politicians were plotting to derail democracy by staging protests and obtaining “frivolous court injunctions” to prevent President-Elect Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu’s inauguration.

“We are certain that Nigerians who want to reclaim their country will not be intimidated or blackmailed into abandoning a legitimate course,” Yunusa said.

“As a party, we have committed to pursuing the course of justice through constitutional means; otherwise, democracy in Nigeria will collapse.”

“We’d like to know where the DSS was when our members and other Nigerians were being attacked, maimed, and killed, particularly in Lagos?”

“Where was the DSS when MC Oluomo and his ilk were engaging in ethnic profiling and violence against Nigerians of a particular ethnic nationality for exercising their democratic rights?”

“We needed the DSS to step up its game at the time, but it didn’t.” Our country would have been better off if it had done what it was meant to do.

Warnings and threats are being issued now that Nigerians have chosen to follow democratic procedures for drawing attention to injustice.

“The DSS should have issued these warnings from the start to show Nigerians that this country belongs to all of us, not just one person or group.”

“We urge the DSS to send these words of caution to those bigots who are driving this country to the brink of disaster with their utterances and violent behavior against other peace-loving Nigerians who do not share their political views or speak their language.”

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