Provocative clothing is not permitted for faculty or students at Enugu University


The administration of Godfrey Okoye University in Enugu has made it illegal for faculty, employees, and students to wear shorts to work and classes.

Fixing fingernails, eyelashes, and other artificial materials to the body will no longer be permitted inside GO-UNI, a facility operated by the Catholic Diocese of Enugu.

Rev. Christian Anieke, vice chancellor of the university, made this announcement while addressing the staff, students, and the university’s group of institutions. He stressed that such behavior disrupts other students and staff members and that the management would not tolerate staff or students wearing tights or other materials that expose their private parts.

Only people with black or brown hair were permitted on campus, he made it clear, and he gave the faculty, staff, and students one month to adapt or face disciplinary action.

The Vice-Chancellor made the announcement, noting that the instruction comes after the clearance for students to dress in cultural garb on Fridays, that students will now be obliged to wear their faculty uniforms from Tuesdays to Fridays.

Anieke instructed the personnel of the group of schools to be proactive and attend their lectures because if the academic schedule of the university were disrupted, the administration would have no defense.

The university library has been instructed to conduct plagiarism checks on all research works produced by students and employees at the institutions, the vice chancellor said in a warning to final-year students.

Anieke urged the pupils to report any school personnel who make it difficult for them to complete their assignments.


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