Scores killed as Fulani, Hausa Clash in Sokoto


Following a battle between the Fulani and Hausa residents of Gwadabawa, Sokoto state, there was tension in the neighborhood.

Many locals on both sides were killed, including a security operative.

In an interview with VOA Hausa on Saturday, a local official, Aminu Gwadabawa, said, “People in the area were living in fear, as the conflict even claimed the life of a soldier.”

“They are afraid of retaliatory attacks by Fulani bandits.”

“The Fulani attacked my relation with knives,” a survivor said. However, he possesses spiritual abilities that prevent sharp items from piercing his skin.

“As a result, they intensified their assault on him and succeeded in hacking his head off.”

Similarly, a Fulani guy who survived the brutal communal clash told his story.

“I was shot at twice, but I survived,” he says. I pleaded with them not to kill me. But they fired at me.”

According to VOA Hausa, when police in Sokoto were contacted, they stated they were still waiting for details about the attack.

Hundreds of people were reportedly killed or injured during the violence.

As of late, attacks purportedly carried out by Fulani bandits were not uncommon in the area.

Bandits are said to have raided settlements in Rabah and other parts of the Northwest state.

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