Seven amusing April 1st practical jokes


Every one of us has experienced an April Fool’s Day prank at some point.

Another April Fool’s Day has come and gone, but there’s still time to be prankish without doing any harm.
Before it’s all gone for another 365 days, here are seven ways you can still have fun:
Autocorrect joke
Modify your friend’s phone’s settings so that particular words or phrases will be automatically changed to absurd or meaningless alternatives.
You may substitute “hi” for “banana” or “how are you?” for “Do you like cheese?” as an example.
Joke “Wrong number”
Text your friend while pretending to be someone else and inform them that they have the wrong number.
Have some fun with the discussion and perhaps even berate them for texting the incorrect number.
Emoji joke
Send your friend a message that contains a series of random or meaningless emojis.
Watch them try to understand what you’re trying to communicate or see if they can figure it out for themselves.
Spelling-error joke
Make deliberate spelling and grammar errors in your text messages to appear as though you’re having trouble.
Check to see if your companion notices and corrects you or if they are simply perplexed.
Deliver a false screenshot to them.
Make a screenshot of a communication exchange that didn’t occur look legitimate by fabricating it.
Email it to a friend and ask them whether they think it’s true.

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