Sexually abused boy kills self after radio station reveals his identity


Mikolaj Filiks, a 15-year-old sex abuse victim, is said to have committed himself after his identity was revealed by state-owned Radio Szczecin in the Polish city of Szczecin.

The radio station has been chastised for disclosing the identity of the teenager, who has been identified as the son of a local opposition member.

Many people believe the radio station was part of a political hit job that revealed the identify of the 15-year-old sex abuse victim.

After being publicly named as the victim of an incarcerated paedophile, Master Filiks committed suicide in March at the family’s Szczecin residence.

Magdalena, the deceased’s mother, is a member of the Civic Platform, the largest opposition party to the ruling party in parliament.

Krzysztof Falinski, a liberal LGBTQ rights campaigner from Szczecin who assaulted the child, was found guilty and imprisoned in 2021.

His victims, however, have never been identified in the media.

However, in December, the editor-in-chief of Radio Szczecin, Tomasz Duklanowski, revealed the identity of Mr Falinski’s victims on the station’s website, stating that the son of a “well-known legislator” was among those he abused.

Ms Filiks was the only Szczecin-based politician whose family fit every criterion in Mr Duklanowski’s study.

According to the family’s lawyer, shortly after Radio Szczecin broadcast the information, the young kid began receiving phone calls and texts from pals asking if he had been sexually abused.

Messages from his mother’s political opponents were also included.

“It was not just his classmates who learned about his abuse. The whole of Poland found out,” the lawyer said. “You don’t need to be an expert in child psychology to understand that this was very upsetting.”

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