Seyi Tinubu: My father will make Nigeria better 


Seyi Tinubu, the son of President-elect Bola Tinubu, has promised a brighter Nigeria and renewed faith in the upcoming administration.

He made the promise on Saturday in Abuja, as he gathered other supporters and admirers of his father on Day 34 of the pre-inauguration gathering.

Patriots in Defense of Democracy, a political pressure group, organized the daily pre-inauguration hangout, which began on March 26.

Mr Seyi and his team were greeted at the Unity Fountain, the hangout’s location, with a variety of dazzling cultural exhibitions.

He expressed gratitude to all supporters who attended the meeting and told the youth that the future administration would prioritize their needs in all sectors, notably in appointing posts.

Mr. Tosin Adeyanju, convener of the group, said the daily pre-inauguration hangout was in solidarity with the mandate freely given to Tinubu by Nigerians on Feb. 25.

He stated that the purpose of the hangout was to redirect the continuing narratives regarding the presidential election and the election of Mr Tinubu as president-elect.

Mr Adeyanju stated that the hangout would continue till Mr Tinubu was sworn in as the country’s 16th democratically elected president on May 29.

“The attendees had been here for 34 days, chasing out anti-democracy preachers and standing firm on the mandate freely given to Mr Tinubu, the President-elect.”

“We’ve had several events, including a medical outreach to bring health facilities closer to the attendees to add color to the hangout,” he said.

Mr Adeyanju stated that the hangout was supported by donations from friends and Mr Tinubu’s well-wishers.


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