Terry G cautions about equating Portable with him


Terry G, a prominent stage name for Nigerian musician Gabriel Oche Amanyi, has issued a warning to those who compare him to his troubled bandmate Portable.

Remember that after his previous adventure with Nigerian Police Force agents, when he resisted arrest, Portable drew comparisons to Terry G.

The singer of “Zazoo,” who was arrested after police invaded his pub in Ogun State’s Sanga Ota neighborhood, blasted the officers in a viral video.

He asserted that an online scammer had sent the police to his pub to make “for no reason” arrests of him and his staff members.

He resisted helping the cops and bragged about how he was a “superstar” and a member of the ruling party.

On social media, his activity received a range of responses. Several admirers compared his insane demeanor to that of ‘Free Madness’ singer Terry G.

The “Akpako Master,” who disapproved of the similarity, cautioned supporters against equating “original” and “photocopy.”

One Twitter user demanded an apology from Terry G from people who equated Portable’s actions to his.

“Those of you that compared Terry G’s madness to Portable should apologize right now!!!,” the user tweeted.

Reacting, Terry G wrote, “In this craze business please never you compare original to photocopy because una mind go dey soon G.”

In the meantime, Portable was given 72 hours by the Ogun State Police Command on Wednesday to report to the closest police station or get ready to be arrested.

The deadline is this Friday, March 31, 2023.

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