The Kaduna government has reinstated 1,288 dismissed teachers


The Kaduna State administration has granted the reinstatement of 1,288 public elementary school teachers who were fired after failing the competency test in June 2022.

In a statement issued on Wednesday in Kaduna, Hauwa Mohammed, the spokesperson for the State Universal Basic Education Board (Kaduna SUBEB), stated as much.

Ms Mohammed revealed that the competency exam affected 1,266 people, while 22 others were fired from the government payroll for allegedly unfounded accusations.

The board fired 2,357 primary school teachers in June 2022, claiming their failure in competency examinations.

According to the board, 2,192 teachers were fired for failing to take the test, while 165 were fired for low performance.

Several of the impacted instructors stated that they took and passed the exam but were nonetheless fired, while others claimed to be sick at the time of the test and supplied documentation.

Many impacted workers claimed to have been kidnapped at the time, while others claimed to have suspended owing to credential verification. Others claimed to be central administration employees and were thus excluded from taking the test.

“Having examined and verified their complaints, the state government approved the reinstatement of 392 teachers, who wrote and passed the test, and 515 central administration staff officially exempted from the test.

“Others are 298 teachers, who were verified to be sick at the time of the test, as well as 61 teachers that were kidnapped or involved in accidents verified by their respective Education Secretaries.

“Also, 22 teachers who were permanently removed from the payroll for unsubstantiated claims were equally reinstated, amounting to a total of 1,288 reinstated workers.”

As a result, the spokesman recommended all concerned teachers to obtain their reinstatement letters from their local Education Secretary as soon as possible.

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