We had sex 27 times in one day – Actress Monalisa Stephen


Monalisa Stephen, a curvy Nollywood actress, has made a shocking confession regarding her sexual encounters with her partner.

Monalisa revealed on a recent episode of ‘Love or Lies’ by popular YouTuber Korty EO that her partner previously had sexual intercourse with her 27 times in a day.

Their romp, she claims, took place in several parts of the home. She stated that they halted to watch movies before continuing.

She claimed the crazy sexual encounter occurred only once at her boyfriend’s residence.

Her disclosure generated a range of emotions on social media, with many users expressing surprise.

This isn’t the first time the curvy actress has made shocking admissions about her sexual exploits with her boyfriend.

Remember how Monalisa Stephen sparked outrage on social media last year when she claimed that her boyfriend had intercourse with her even when she was on her monthly period?


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