5 Discussions You Shouldn’t Have With Your Partner During Ramadan


Ramadan, the fasting month, is a time for spiritual introspection, self-improvement, and increased devotion to God. From dawn to dark, Muslims around the world refrain from eating, drink, and other physical requirements. While it can be a beautiful and gratifying experience, it can also be difficult, particularly for people in romantic relationships. As a result, here are five Ramadan conversations you should avoid having with your boyfriend.

  1. Do Not Request That He Break His Fast for You

Couples often spend valuable time together during Ramadan, but it’s critical to respect your partner’s religious duties. As a result, don’t ask your lover to break his fast in order to spend time with you. If you’re feeling lonely, try sending a kind text message or organizing a virtual iftar (the meal that breaks the fast).

2. Don’t Judge His Fasting

Ramadan fasting is a religious requirement that Muslims take very seriously. As a result, it is inappropriate to criticize or mock your boyfriend for fasting. Avoid saying things like, “I’m not sure how you do that,” or “I could never do that.” Instead, express your admiration and support for his dedication to his beliefs.

3. Don’t Make Him Hungry.

The need to eat can be overwhelming during fasting. As a result, it’s critical not to lure your boyfriend with food during Ramadan. Don’t go on and on about your favorite cuisine, or ask him what he misses the most. Instead, create meals that take into account his dietary requirements and tastes.

4. Avoid scheduling dates that conflict with Ramadan obligations.

Ramadan is a time for spiritual thought and prayer, and Muslims are advised to devote as much time to devotion as possible. As a result, avoid scheduling dates or outings that clash with his Ramadan requirements. Arrange your outings around his prayer time, or offer activities that are in keeping with the Ramadan spirit.

5. Don’t put any pressure on him to spend more time with you.

Ramadan is a hectic period for Muslims, with numerous religious responsibilities to fulfill. As a result, don’t put pressure on your lover to spend more time with you during Ramadan. Instead, encourage him to pursue his religious interests and find alternative methods to interact that are respectful of his religious duties.

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