A cleric is alarmed by the alarming divorce rate among young couples in the FCT


The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Magistrates’ Court Judge, Sheikh Ayuba Abubakar, has raised concern about the increasing divorce rate among young couples in the FCT.

Abubakar was giving a speech at the Afemai Islamic Movement’s annual Ramadan lecture, which has as its theme “The Responsibility of Parent in Raising God Fearing Children,” on Sunday in Abuja.

Before giving their children in marriage, the professor urged parents to make sure they abide by Islamic laws.

He claims that when it comes to marriage, the majority of parents just follow their children’s wishes rather than those of the Holy Quran.

” As a judge, we are having a high rate of divorce, especially the rate in the FCT is so alarming, young couples in two years, three years marriage, dragged themselves to courts.
” And we discovered that in so many of it there is no other way than to just separate them to live in peace.

” The implication is that if we don’t follow the Islamic regulation by making prayers to Allah for guidance and follow the Islamic teaching, their will be domestic problems.
” This teaching is for the husband to know his duty and his rights and for the wife to lower her duty and rights and by the time you think of those rules, it is to bring harmony in our homes,” he said.

Although divorce was permissible in Islam, he said, it was also abhorrent, so parents needed to find ways to assist their children in getting over it.

Abubakar urged parents to play a leading role in helping their children choose a life partner since doing so would guide their decisions and ensure the couple would be together in the future.

He asserts that if a lady is religious, you may be 70% certain that their decision regarding which of their children to marry would not be biased.

As a Muslim, you must make sure that your home is Islamic, where you recite the Quran and where you alternately collect the kids and instruct them in Allah’s word.

” You teach them the words of the prophets and not just allow them to fully have western education but add Islamic education to it as this will guarantee your children will be pious Muslims,” he added.

Alhaji Momodu Kadiri, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Afemai Islamic Movement, also spoke during the event. He stated that the movement’s goal was to spread Islam among Muslims in Abuja and among the Edo people in general.

Kadiri asked Muslims to cooperate in order to advance the upright practice of Islam.

He said that since its inception in 2001, the movement had been successful in acquiring more than 40 hectares of land in Abuja for the development of mosques and schools.

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