El-Rufai Raises Alarm Over Insecurity Ahead Of Tinubu’s Inauguration


Nasir El-Rufai, Governor of Kaduna State, has expressed concern over the high degree of insecurity ahead of the presidential and state inaugurations on May 29.

El-Rufai issued the warning at the presentation of a security report by the Commissioner of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan, at Kaduna’s Sir Kashim Ibrahim Government House on Wednesday.

The governor urged security agencies around the country to beef up security since criminals could utilize the transition period to launch violent attacks.

He also advocated security operations against bandits to avoid a dangerous lull during the federal transition phase that criminal outlaws could exploit.

El-Rufai asked for continued simultaneous land and air kinetic attacks across the North-West zone’s seven frontline states and Niger, which have contiguous forest ranges and are the most strongly hit by the security crisis.

The governor thanked the Federal Government for finally approving the commencement of the joint military and police offensives, and he praised the military and security personnel for their efforts and sacrifices in the fight against criminals.

“I want to emphasize that for long-term success in this region, this vital mission requires a comprehensive and consistent sweep across the North-West and Niger states,” he stated.

“We call for an increase in security operations over the remaining 39 days of this administration’s tenure and beyond, so that the change of baton at the federal level does not result in a dangerous lull that criminal outlaws can exploit.”

“There is every reason to intensify and sustain concurrent ground and air kinetic operations across the seven frontline states of the North-West region and Niger, which have continuous and contiguous forest ranges and are the most heavily impacted by this security challenge.”

“On our part, the Kaduna State Government will continue to do everything in our power to improve security.” We have devoted significant resources and work in managing security to the extent that our nation’s Constitution allows for a sub-national level.

“Our interventions since 2015 have included providing vehicles and other logistics to federal security agencies deployed in our state, collaborating with other frontline states to fund military operations in the 2015-2016 period, and investments in security infrastructure and technology.”

El-rufai claimed that the analyzed 2022 annual and first quarter 2023 security reports revealed that 1,266 and 4,973 people were slain and kidnapped in 15 months, respectively.

Between 2021 and 2022, there was a slight year-on-year improvement in fatalities and other criminal incidents across the state, according to the governor.

He also stated that his administration is doing all possible to avoid bandit assaults in the state through institutional measures and pragmatic activities on the ground.

“As the statistics presented show, there has been some slight year-on-year improvement in fatalities and other incidences of criminality across the state between 2021 and 2022,” he continued. We hope that with your combined efforts, this declining trend will continue as soon as feasible to zero.

“The Kaduna State Government is doing everything possible to prevent these tragic events through institutional measures and practical actions on the ground.”

“These measures include consistent pressure on the Federal Government to launch comprehensive and sustained military operations against terrorists and criminal elements who endanger our people’s lives, liberty, and livelihoods.”

“We gratefully note that the military launched offensive security operations against bandits in the second half of 2022.” As previously stated, this has aided in improving the security situation in many of our areas; nevertheless, these activities must obviously be expanded and continued as the most effective means to defend our people and maintain law and order.”

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