“If Tinubu is sworn in, I’ll renounce my Nigerian citizenship.” – Former Deputy Governor of Lagos, Ojikutu 


Former Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Alhaja Sinatu Ojikutu, has stated that if President-elect Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is inaugurated in, she will resign her Nigerian citizenship.

Ojikutu, Nigeria’s first female deputy governor, served from 1992 to 1993. Until the military coup in 1993, she was Michael Otedola’s deputy governor.

Tinubu was declared the ‘winner’ of the February 25 presidential election by the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Ojikutu told media in Lagos on Wednesday that she had asked her attorneys to begin planning how she would renounce Nigerian citizenship if Tinubu is sworn in as President on May 29, 2023.

According to the Daily Independent, she stated that she supports Labour Party candidate Peter Obi and that her life is in danger.

“I had to cry out,” she recalled, when she heard Tinubu ask if she was still alive.

“I will also say that he should be held accountable if anything happens to me,” she continued.

“I stated in one of my posts, and I reiterate it here, that if anything happens to me, Bola Tinubu and his cohorts will be held accountable.”

Ojikutu stated that she intended to “gain citizenship in a nation where I can be happy because corruption is rampant in this country.”

She admitted that she felt embarrassed to declare herself a former public official, and that “people are lobbying to occupy ministerial and other appointments.”

“Nigeria is in a hopeless situation, and I had no choice but to support Peter Obi when I heard him speak.” Again, I am among those who believe that the South-East should be given the presidency. If we declare that we want to stay one Nigeria, we must consider equity.

“You cannot claim to be one Nigeria while oppressing a specific region.” You don’t want them to get a crack at the president. Let them go if you don’t want them to be number one. If you don’t want them to go, then give them the chance to be number one,” she said.

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