Ilaro Poly matriculates 8,171 students, begins power generation


Dr M.A.Akinde fca, ACTI, Rector of Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, declared 8,171 matriculated students yesterday; 3,167 for 34 programmes (ND 1), 2,523 for 5 programmes (HND 1), and 2,481 for 15 programmes admitted into the School of Part-Time Studies.

He stated that the School is nearing completion of its power generation, provides work-study opportunities, and improves on existing awards for outstanding students and staff.

He did, however, counsel the matriculants to be law-abiding citizens.

Dr. Akinde, speaking at the 27th Matriculation Ceremony held on Wednesday, March 29, 2023 at the school’s Pavilion Ground, said that among the three stages of the Power project, the Medium-Term would drastically improve electricity supply, adding that new ground had been broken.

“As a technologically savvy institution, we are on top of the situation.” Electricity will soon improve dramatically in the coming days, as we simultaneously break new ground in the development of a viable power mix through a three-pronged (triangular) approach: development of a mini-hydro turbine at the Gbokoto river corridor; connection to a dedicated line from Papalanto; and expansion of renewable energy generation within the School.” The Rector also stated that work-study opportunities for students have been created, with light jobs accessible for indigent students.

“In line with global practices, we are committed to opening up work-study and creating opportunities for light jobs while studying at the Polytechnic to assist indigent students.” This begins immediately after the DSA-led Committee has submitted its reports and has been authorized for implementation by the Academic Board and the Polytechnic Management Committee (PMC).”

As an incentive for serious, bright students and hardworking staff, the Rector and School administration have added worth to the existing awards: Best Graduating Students and Performing Staff Awards.

“We would maintain our policy of rewarding outstanding performance by improving our existing Best Graduating Students Awards.” Recognizing the link between staff and student enthusiasm, we established the Best Lecturer of the Year Award, Best Non-teaching Staff of the Year Award, and Best Outsourced Staffers of the Year Award.

“In the same vein, we will continue to provide assistance to our staff in the form of local PhDs and Master’s degrees.” All of this is done to enhance your overall well-being, performance, and academic experiences.”

“Whatever challenges some of you may be facing or will face in the future, do not lose focus.” Cultism, substance abuse, cybercrime, malpractice, prostitution, examination malpractice, suicide, and other vices that can darken your bright future should never be considered. Believe in yourself and believe God that your future is bright; God does not define impossibility. “Fear not, you are your only limitation to success,” Dr. Akinde stated.

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