In Ogun, a father is accused of starving and chaining two children to death


Gbenga Ogunfadeke, 45, was detained by agents of the Ogun security network, commonly known as the Amotekun Corps, for allegedly chaining and imprisoning his two children in solitary confinement, which caused their deaths.

This information was revealed in a statement released in Abeokuta by Mr. David Akinremi, the State Commander of the Amotekun Corps.

According to Akinremi, men from the corps detained the suspect on Tuesday, April 18, at Ibiade in the state’s Ogun Waterside Local Government Area.

According to him, the suspect was detained as a result of his ex-wife’s complaint.

The suspect, a father of three, allegedly accused his children of stealing, per the statement.

According to Akinremi, the suspect is suspected of having shackled the kids and kept them in solitary confinement for more than three months without providing them with food or water, which resulted in the deaths of two of the kids.

He said that the children, who were 16 years old, 17 years old, and 18 years old, had been subjected to abuse by the suspect ever since he gained custody of them following the breakdown of his marriage to their mother, Busola Otusegun.

“One of the three children came across his aunt in Ibiade where he currently lives with his father (suspect), and narrated their experience with their father which led to the death of his two elder siblings , Yusuf Ogunfadeke ,18 and Dasola Ogunfadeke, 17 .

“It happened between April and June 2022 in Ijebu-Ode where they were all living with the suspect until he relocated back to Ibiade.

“According to the child, their father chained and locked them in solitary confinement without food and water for over three months which led to the death of the two siblings but he miraculously survived the ordeal,” he said.

When questioned, the suspect, according to Ogunremi, admitted allegedly imprisoning the kids for months, but he denied starving them or being in charge of their deaths.

According to the commander of Amotekun, the suspect said that his behavior was motivated by the kids’ involvement in theft and the need to prevent them from continuing.

He continued by saying that the suspect had stated that his two deceased children had been admitted to the hospital for treatment at various points after becoming ill, but had tragically perished in the process.

“What is however curious about his defence is that the hospital where he claimed the two children died in Ijebu-Ode could neither be located.

“Where he allegedly buried them behind a rented apartment he lived in Ijebu-Ode before relocating to his present abode in Ibiade with the third child could also not be traced for possible exhumation.

“The fact that he refused to make the incidents known to any member of the family also gives course for concern, more so when the suspect is a herbalist, thus further fuelling the suspicion of having killed the deceased for possible rituals,” Akinremi said.

The commander of Amotekun claimed that the matter had been given to the State Criminal inquiry Department for additional inquiry in order to gather more evidence that would support his prosecution.

Source: NAN

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