May Day: It is ‘wickedness’ for the government to owe workers and pensioners – PDP chieftain


Dotun Babayemi, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chairman in Osun, has asked for increased benefit packages for workers in order to incentivize them to perform best.

Mr Babayemi, in a message of solidarity to Nigerian workers, said it was “wickedness” for the government to owe workers’ salaries.

“It is wickedness to owe salaries, and equally wicked to fail to pay pensioners their entitlements when they are due.” “It’s pure evil,” claimed the former governorship candidate.

“Our workers and retirees deserve to be treated fairly by the system by putting in place, in concrete terms, policies and programs that will make life meaningful and lasting for them during and after service,” he added.

Mr Babayemi also urged the government to put in place long-term procedures to make life easier for Nigerian employees before they retire.

He advocated for attractive working conditions that would boost economic growth while discouraging brain drain, and he urged the government to implement a long-term solution to the recurring issue of non-payment of retiree pensions and gratuities.

“The government should provide enhanced packages to workers that go beyond monthly salaries,” Mr Babayemi said.

Mr Babayemi stated that early payment of serving and retiring employees would help to reduce the prevalent greed and corruption in the system.

He also urged workers at all levels to recommit to bringing about the necessary transformation in all sectors of the country’s economy.


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