Peter Obi’s Supporter Who Is Against Tinubu’s Swearing-In, Is A Terrorist – Fani-Kayode


Former Aviation Minister Femi Fani-Kayode called a Labour Party (LP) supporter who was evacuated from an Ibom Air aircraft a terrorist.

Recall that on Friday evening, some security agents forcibly removed an unidentified passenger from an Ibom Air aircraft due to unruly behavior prior to takeoff.

On the plane, the man allegedly yelled that President-elect Bola Tinubu should not be sworn in as Nigeria’s leader.
His unusual behavior drew the notice of other passengers and flight attendants, who summoned security and forcibly removed him from the plane.

As he struggled with the security guards, he kept shouting that ‘Obidients’ were watching him being abused in the aircraft.

Fani-Kayode responded to the development on Twitter, saying the suspect and those who sent him were testing the waters for something larger in the nation.

According to the former minister, the suspect’s violent behavior and abusive words, which traumatized many passengers on the flight, correctly reflect the Obidients’ mindset and attitude.

With their inciting remarks and utterances, Fani-Kayode believes Peter Obi and Dati Baba-Ahmed have encouraged and approved the violent and subversive behavior of their followers, and they must be held accountable.

He praised the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and security agencies for apprehending the suspect and evacuating him from the aircraft before takeoff.

“The mad Obidient who got on the plane yesterday and disrupted the flight while screaming that Asiwaju would never be sworn in is nothing but a terrorist, and I believe he and those who sent him were testing the waters for something bigger,” he wrote.

“I applaud the FAAN and security personnel for dragging him off the plane before it took off.” By doing so, they saved many lives.

“His violent behavior and abusive words, which traumatized many passengers on the flight, accurately reflect the Obidients’ mindset and attitude: they are frustrated, violent, dangerous, angry, and willing to go to any length to achieve their goal.” Worse, they intend to destabilize our nation by undermining the democratic process and the rule of law.

“Simply put, they are dangerous anarchists, and if our security and intelligence agencies do not restrain and rein them in, they will end up endangering the lives of many Nigerians, aborting our democracy, and destroying our country.”

“With their inciting comments and utterances, Peter Obi and Dati the Daft have encouraged and endorsed their violent and subversive behavior, and we hold them accountable.”

“If it is not Dr. Ezeife declaring that if Asiwaju is sworn in, Nigeria will become ungoverned, or some misguided Eze in Ajao Estate, Lagos declaring that they will call IPOB to defend the Igbos of Lagos state, it is Chief Iwanyanwu calling Yorubas rascals.” How much longer can we put up with this?

“The actions of the insane terrorist on the plane are condemned, and I can only thank God that he did not have a weapon, because things could have turned out much worse.”

“I urge security agencies to beef up airport security and keep a close eye on all passengers.” Even in the face of these provocations, I urge caution. We must maintain the peace and ensure that our unity is sustained.

“We must not allow them to provoke us into responding in an irrational, violent, unlawful, or unreasonable manner. We must be prayerful, focused, and calm and we must ensure that nothing disrupts the stability, peace, and unity of our nation or the swearing-in of our President-elect.

“If anyone believes that yesterday’s event on the plane at Abuja airport was a random isolated case carried out by a crazy “lone wolf” operator that was acting on his own then they still don’t know what the Obidients and other opposition groups seek to achieve. Nigerians beware!”

The mad Obidient that got on the plane yesterday and disrupted the flight whilst shouting that Asiwaju would never be sworn-in is a nothing but a terrorist and I believe that he and those who sent him were testing the waters for something bigger.

— Femi Fani-Kayode (@realFFK) April 1, 2023

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