Sudan War: How Nigerian students are exploited at the Ethiopian border


Thousands of Nigerian students trapped in the war-torn country have continued to scream for aid weeks after a fierce battle broke out between factions led by two Army Generals in Sudan.

Government forces and Rapid Support Forces fighters have been exchanging fire for the past week, putting many civilians at danger and causing severe hardship.

Among the stranded citizens were Nigerian students who had petitioned the Nigerian government to come to their aid and return them home.

On Sunday, a popular video on Twitter revealed that the Nigerian students were utterly stranded in the country.

Fauziya Idris Safiyo, a female Nigerian student in Sudan who fled Khartoum and arrived at Gallaba, a border town between Sudan and Ethiopia, regretted the situation.

” We heard gunshots from the ground and the air, bombs exploded, and fighter jets attacked.” There was no food, water, or medicine available. We are unable to travel. There is no money. “The miscreants were having a great time,” she claimed.

According to Fauziya, nationals from numerous nations are being evacuated from Sudan, but there has been no move to evacuate Nigerians.

“We, Nigerians, were the only survivors.” There were a lot of women among us.”Officers in neighboring countries, such as Ethiopia, were not allowing Nigerians to enter their country unless we had a visa,” she claimed.

She stated that after notifying her father about the predicament they were in, as well as the fact that her sister was ill, her father advised they escape the country.

She claimed they sneaked out around 3 a.m. and boarded a bus that took them for around 12 hours before arriving at the Ethiopian border town.

” It was a terrifying and harrowing experience.” What we observed on the highway was terrifying. We saw a lot of military and were stopped at multiple checkpoints.Ethiopian officials demanded $50 before issuing us a visa.Only Sudanese nationals were permitted. We contacted our Nigerian Ambassador, who responded with a letter.

They did not acknowledge or honor the letter. “They were uncooperative because of the precarious situation we were in,” she explained.

Muhammadu Nura Bello, a leader of Nigerian students at Sudan International University, said there was total blackout and even Sudan citizens were fleeing.

” Students are concerned because they have ran out of food. “The Sudanese are fleeing,” he remarked.
He stated that, while the Nigerian Embassy in Sudan was working hard to ensure their evacuation, it was not yet possible.

He stated that the scenario had made Nigerian students in Sudan feel bad and disheartened, even though other countries such as Kenya, Somalia, and others had subsequently evacuated their students.

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